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Yale Burge Antiques Inc. houses an exceptional combination of styles from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The 7,000 square foot showroom specializes in English and French antiques, but also includes examples of Continental and Colonial craftsmanship as well as selections from the Near and Far East.

While serving overseas in the Air Force during World War II, Yale Burge made many friends in England and France and he learned where to find the finest quality antique furniture. In 1947, he returned to New York, opened an interior design business and started to import unusual and exciting pieces which had survived the war. Very quickly, Yale R. Burge Antiques, Inc. became a favorite resource for designers and architects whose clients desired pieces for their homes.

At his death in 1972, Yale Burge was one of the country's foremost and renowned interior designers and antique dealers. Carrying on in their father's tradition, Robert and Lisa Burge travel the world personally selecting fine antique furniture and accessories for the showroom.